Baishnab-Darpan by Amarendranath Saha pdf

Baishnab-Darpan by Amarendranath Saha, Bengali religious Book pdf
ebook name- ‘Baishnab-Darpan’,
Written by- Amarendranath Saha
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Baishnab-Darpan by Amarendranath Saha pdf

Devotees or worshipers of Lord Vishnu are generally called Vaishnava (Baishnab). But now the meaning of the word ‘Vaishnava’ has become wider. Now the devotees of Vishnu in the form of Krishna Vasudeva are also Vaishnava. It is not yet known exactly how old this Vaishnava religion is. However, it can be said that since ancient times in India, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna (the son of Basudev), have been worshiped as the innermost deity in the hearts of the devotees.

The original scripture of the Hindus is the Vedas. The Rig Veda mentions a deity named Vishnu (Bishnu). Vishnu is mentioned in many places in the Yajurveda. Vishnu occupies the highest place in the hearts of the devotees in the Kathopanishad or Chandogya Upanishad. In the post-Upanishad era, a devotee community was formed around Vishnu and Basudeva in India.
Later, Bhagavata, Vishnupurana, Padmapurana, Brahmavaivartapurana, and Mahabharata Krishnalila were added and Bhagavata religion became especially prevalent in the form of Vaishnavism.

However, the origin of Vaishnavism and the details of this religion can be known from this article book.

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