Dash Abatar by Gopalkrishna Goswami Bangla ebook pdf

Dash Abatar by Gopalkrishna Goswami Bangla ebook pdf file
ebook name- Dash Abatar
Written by- Gopalkrishna Goswami
Book genre- Hindu religious
File format- PDF
Pages- 345
File size- 19mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Dash Abatar by Gopalkrishna Goswami

According to Hindu religion Lord Bishnu is the Lord of all creation. He was born as incarnation at different times to destroy the sin from the earth, to establish religion. He is committed that he will release all creature from all kinds of bonds, everyone will be free. There are ten incarnations in Hinduism. According to the mythology, the tenth incarnation (Avatar) has not yet been revealed.

The ten incarnations that were discussed in this book, they are-
Matsya Abatar
Kurma Abatar
Baraho Abatar
Narasingha Abatar
Baman Abatar
Parsuram Abatar
Ram Abatar
Balaram Abatar
Buddha Abatar
Kalki Abatar

And those avatar theories have been discussed, these are-
Andhakar Yug
Ananta Sayan
Matsya Yug
Kurma Yug
Baraho Yug
Narasingho Yug
Treta-Baman Yug
Parsuram Yug
Ramchandra Yug
Drapar Yug (Sri Krishna)
Kali Yug- Buddhdeb
Anagata Kalki Yug

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