Gitarahasya – Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bengali ebook in pdf

Gitarahasya – Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bengali ebook in pdf
ebook name- ‘Gitarahasya’,
Written by- Bal Gangadhar Tilak,
Translator- Jyotirindranath Tagore
Book genre- A Religious book,
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 250Mb,
Pages- 407 (double pages),
Courtesy- Original uploader
Quality- not bad, without any watermark

Gitarahasya - Bal Gangadhar Tilak pdf

Srimad Bhagavad Gita inspired Indian freedom fighters

The ‘Srimadbhagavad Gita’ is the best specimen of Indian traditional culture and the best resource of world scholars. This holy scripture is the best gift of India to the world. It would not be wrong to say that this Gita is the true mass literature in the history of the world. This book has equal demand and dignity for all people like scholars-idiots, rich-poor, men and women, teachers-soldiers, workers-businessmen, students-labors, sacrificers-enjoyer.
From a solitary omniscient ascetic in a cave to a rich man living in a palace, from a pious saint to a hardworking political leader, everyone gets the right inspiration from this Gita. So it can be said that this book is like Gyan-Kalpataru in human society. Therefore, innumerable commentaries and analyzes have been written on this great scripture throughout the ages.

Gita in the eyes of the Scholars

The Manishi Dwijendranath Tagore called the Gita an oil-free lamp in a hut in India. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the Gita is like a mother of peace and strength. Gita sadhana is well known in the spiritual world. But Gita’s unique role in the country’s freedom struggle and in international alliances is truly unforgettable. The Gita inspired the revolutionaries of India’s freedom struggle with its ideals of Niskam Karmoyoga, Atmasamarpan Yoga, Atmattwata, and Sthirpragyatwa. The Gita was a must-read for almost all revolutionaries in India. Again, non-violent fighters are also inspired by Gita’s message.
So the revolutionary Yogi sage Arvind, the extremist leader Lokmanya Tilak, again the non-violent fighter Mahatma Gandhi, all started their path in the light of this book and also composed a huge commentary on the Gita in the light of their own ideals.
As a freedom fighter Congress leader- Netaji Subhash Chandra was constantly promoting Gita lessons to his fellow youth from jail. Again, as the great hero of the Azad Hind Fauj, he kept the little Gita in his pocket even during the bombardment of the battlefield. Heroic freedom fighter Khudiram-Kanailal-Binoy-Badal-Dinesh-Prafulla used to recite Gita in jail.
The Gita is an essential scripture not only for the individual or the state but also for the solution of crises in the whole world.
Every human being is like a war-weary soldier in the struggle for life, as sad as Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra. Everyone wants to be free from this grief. In this Gita, on the occasion of Arjuna, Lord Sri Krishna has shown the way of liberation from the sorrow of the eternal human being.
Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s “Gitarahasya” or Karmayoga Shastra shines in its own glory among the various commentaries in various languages of this book. Although the original text was written in Marathi, Rabindranath’s elder brother Jyotirindranath Tagore translated it into Bengali a long time ago.
Now a PDF file of this rare book is shared in this post.

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