Gitay Ishwarbad by Hirendra Nath Dutta pdf

Gitay Ishwarbad by Hirendra Nath Dutta, Bangla Hindu Dharmiyo Book pdf
e-book name- ‘Gitay Ishwarbad’,
Written by – Hirendra Nath Dutta,
Type of book- Religious Book,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 18 Mb,
Pages- 374,
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Gitay Ishwarbad by Hirendra Nath Dutta

The Gita is a wonderful book. There is no other such excellent and delicate book in the literature of the world. The volume of the Gita is not large – only seven hundred verses in this great scripture; However, the Gita is the essence of all religions, the essence of all scriptures. Just as the nectar was produced in the churning of the ocean like this Gitamrit has risen from the ocean of scriptures. That is why the ancients said-
Gita sugita kartabya kimnaih shastrabistaraih.
One of the characteristics of the Gita is its sovereignty, there is no place for sectarianism or narrow-mindedness in the Gita. That is why philosophers of all classes, devotees of all communities look at the Gita with equal affection. The Gita is a universal book. The need of Gita is equal for all, whether a worker, a wise, a yogi, a devotee.

However, in order to accept the true meaning of the Gita, it is not necessary to resort to the argument. The Gita should be listened to with respect and its meaning should be considered. And then you have to concentrate and understand its meaning. Only then will we be able to grasp the essence of Gita.

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