Ekannapither Sadhak by Nigurananda pdf

Ekannapither Sadhak by Nigurananda, Hindu Dharmiyo Book pdf
e-book name- ‘Ekannapither Sadhak’,
Written by – Nigurananda,
Type of book- Religious Book,
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Pages- 214,
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Ekannapither Sadhak by Nigurhananda pdf

Ekannapeeth is a matter of great curiosity for the Shaktas. We all know the original story of this Ekannapith. Dakshakanya Sati died in Jagya after hearing the condemnation of Shiva. Destroying Daksha Yajna, the mourner Shiva took Sati’s body on his shoulder and left for India. In order to free Shiva from the body of his dead wife, Vishnu dismembered the body with his Sudarshan Chakra. Separated from the Vishnu Chakra, Sati’s body was scattered in fifty-one places in India. Later they became pilgrimage places. These shrines are very sacred to the devotees of Shiva Shakti. But a big question. The question is whether this Ekannapith is only the place of Matripujari i.e. Shakti Pujari, or also the place of pilgrimage for other devotees.

There are various styles of Tantra practice in India. All these different types of Tantrasadhakas have been pursued at Shaktapeeth. So the worshiper of Shakti Peeth is not the only worshiper of Shakti. Many aspirants of different paths may have practiced in this Ekannapith, so when discussing about the devotees of Ekannapith, their names may also come up inevitably.
Going to discuss about the devotee of Ekannapitha is a complex issue. Nigurananda has made that impossible possible.

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