Puran Prabesh by Girindrasekhar Basu Bengali ebook pdf

Puran Prabesh by Girindrasekhar Basu Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- Puran Prabesh
Written by- Girindrasekhar Basu
Book genre- Religious
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 17mb
Pages- 329
Quality- good, without any watermark

Puran Prabesh by Girindrasekhar Basu

The author- Girindrasekhar Basu is a renowned physician and chairman of the International Psychoanalytic Society and Sigmund Freud’s friend.
Girindrasekhar is the youngest of nine brothers and sisters. Father was Chandrasekhar Basu and mother Lakshimani Devi. Their original residence was in Ula village of Nadia district. And he was the brother of Rajasekhar Basu (Parshuram).
After completing his schooling, he studied chemistry at the Presidency College, Kolkata. Later on, he graduated from Calcutta Medical College. He had interests in yoga, glamor, and hypnosis. He also applied hypnotism to his physician and psychological life. As soon as he finished his doctorate, he started studying psychology at Calcutta University.
The thesis was his research (1921) that he linked the philosophy of Sigmund Freud in Europe with Hindu philosophy and thinking. Girindrasekhar was the first Bengali or Indian psychologist. He established the first “Indian Psycho-Analytical Society” in India at his home on Parshibagan Lane in North Kolkata.

Not only that, he was very sincere as a writer. His famous children’s book “Lal Kalo” (Red Black) is extremely well-read. He used to write about various topics in the workspace.
Dear readers, now I want to share a remarkable book in his writing- ‘Puran Prabesh’.

The Puranas are the oldest books in India and it contains the stories of the past. The word Purana is terminological. Its characteristic meaning is old. Twenty-eight original Puranas and many sub-Puranas are in vogue. all Puranas are not in the same period. Some are ancient, some are modern; Again, the same myth has ancient and modern parts.
All these topics are discussed in this book.

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Dear readers, collect this Religious research book- ‘Puran Prabesh by Girindrasekhar Basu‘ Bengali ebook pdf.

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