Ravanayan by Kamakhya Bhattacharya Bangla book pdf

Ravanayan by Kamakhya Bhattacharya Bangla book pdf
ebook name- ‘Ravanayan’
Writer- Kamakhya Bhattacharya
Book genre- A mythological book
File format- PDF
Size- 9mb
Pages- 161
Quality- best, without any watermark

Ravanayan by Kamakhya Bhattacharya pdf

‘Ravanayan’ is a basic type of novel based on the story of Lankadhipati Rakshobaj Ravana. The mainstay of this novel is the well-known story of Ramayana. But nothing is taken from there except the original structure of the Ramayana in the format of this story. The presentation and evaluation of the character of Ravana has been done in the author’s own point of view — a point of view which can be called fundamental in many respects.
According to the author, Ravana is not only a great patriotic king, but also an absolute originator of the ideals of democracy, a genuine friend of the oppressed and exploited people, and favors the same form of justice and equality towards all tenants irrespective of high and low in the system of government. That is to say, in modern terms, what we call communism, Ravana was a novice in composing a new constitution in the world following that principle in the background of ancient times.
Ravana was the symbol of protest against unjust monarchy. So the battle of Rama-Ravan, the struggle of Arya-Anarya, the deadly clash between Uttarapath and Dakshinapath There is no doubt that Rama won this battle, but that victory is the victory of injustice over justice, the victory of iniquity over religion.

However, now I want to share with you a different kind of writing and there is no doubt that this basic composition is remarkable. Collect this book in pdf.

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