Sampurna Mahabharat Tr. by Kaliprasanna Singha PDF

Sampurna Mahabharat Tr. by Kaliprasanna Singha PDF
ebook name- ‘Sampurna Mahabharat’,
Translated by – Kaliprasanna Singha,
Book genre- Religious book,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 3853,
PDF File size- 320Mb,
Quality- good, without any watermark.

Sampurna Mahabharat Tr. by Kaliprasanna Singh

Kaliprasanna Singha (born 23 February 1840 – died 24 July 180) was a Bengali writer and social activist. He will forever be remembered for his two immortal creations in Bengali literature. And those are- the biggest Sanskrit epic, the Bengali translation of the Mahabharata, and ‘Hutom Panchar Naksha’. This great man was one of the patrons of the nineteenth-century Bengali literary movement. He contributed a lot to the development of literature and society at that time and was a supporter of widow marriage. This great worker has generously donated to change the lives of many miserable widowed. He was a very close person to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.

Kaliprasanna Singha’s notable works

‘Babunatak’ (1854), ‘Bikramorbashi Natak’ (1858), ‘Savitri Satyaban Natak’ (1857), ‘Malatimadhab Natak’ (1859), ‘Bangabashirbarger Prati Nibedan’ 1861), ‘Hutom Panchar Naksha’ (1861-62), ‘Puranasangraha’ (1860-66) or translation of the Mahabharata composed by Bedavas, ‘Bangeshabijaya’ (unfinished, 1868), ‘Bengali translation of Srimadbhagavad Gita’ (1902, published after death).

Dear readers, now I want to share a great work of this eminent writer-The Bengali translation of the Sanskrit Mahabharata by Maharshi Krishnadvaipayana Bedavas. He translated the Sanskrit Mahabharata properly into Bengali.
There is a lot of pdf around the internet but all those are poorly printed, incomplete, or torn pages, so in this post, I shared this good condition rare pdf.

* Earlier post, I shared a beautiful PDF of Kaliprasanna’s ‘Hutom Panchar Naksha‘. If you want you can collect the pdf from here.

Collect the PDF ‘Sampurna Mahabharat’ or Read it Online

Dear readers, collect this Religious epic- ‘Sampurna Mahabharat Tr. by Kaliprasanna Singha’ pdf

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