Uponishader Tin Ramani by Dipak Chandra pdf

Uponishader Tin Ramani by Dipak Chandra, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Uponishader Tin Ramani’
Written by- DR. Dipak Chandra
Book genre- A mythological novel
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 21Mb
Pages- 142
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Uponishader Tin Ramani by Dipak Chandra

The Upanishads are the later works of the Vedas. The Upanishads were born from the philosophical ideas of Vedic culture. The Upanishads are the product of the ancient renaissance that took place on Indian soil. Less educated and uneducated people lose their way in the complex philosophical theories of the Upanishads about Brahman and the world. That is why the theorists have consciously introduced multiple stories and made the Upanishads acceptable to the common people. The Stories are taken from life and the story of familiar life so their intimate connection with the listeners and readers is established. As a result, they can easily penetrate into the depths of complex philosophical inquiries about Brahma. The foggy idea about Brahman then disappears.
One such anecdote is the Gagi, Katyayani, Maitreyi, and Yajnavalkya news of the Brihadaranya Upanishad. Looking at it in a little detail, it is clear that the above four have created a quadrangle of questions about Brahman on the canvas of the Upanishads. The author has written this novel keeping in view the different perspectives, personalities, and philosophies of these four characters.

The stories of Gagi, Maitreyi, Katyayani, and Yajnavandhya in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads are mainly written by the author in his own thoughts. But he did not deviate from the original discourse and philosophy of the Upanishads. Rather there is that story in their introduction this means that the author has made full use of the potential storytelling contributions in constructing the material for this novel.
Author DR. Dipak Chandra was born in the 2nd Agrahayan 1345. Eng-16 November 1936. He Completed M.A., B.Ed, and Ph.D. from Calcutta University. The number of stories, novels, and critiques written by him is about 60, besides edited books 4 and dictionary 1. He succeeded in writing the Puranas in a modern context.

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Dear readers, collect this another extraordinary mythological novel- ‘Uponishader Tin Ramani by Dipak Chandra‘ Bengali book pdf.

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