Parimal Goswamir Shreshtha Byanga-Galpo pdf

Parimal Goswamir Shreshtha Byanga-Galpo pdf file
ebook name- Parimal Goswamir Shreshtha Byanga-Galpo
Written by- Parimal Goswami
Book genre- Saras Galpo
File format- PDF
Pages- 250
File size- 15mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Parimal Goswamir Shreshtha Byanga-Galpo

Parimal Goswami was skilled in ridiculous, humorous writings. And was also an editor and the people of the radio system. According to that source, he was very familiar with almost all the bright writers of that time like Rabindranath. He wrote those memoirs one after one. ‘Ditwiyo Smrity’, ‘Ami Jader Dekhechhi’, ‘Patrasmrity’, ‘Jakhan Sampadak Chhilam’ ‘Purnajatrar Smritipothe’, etc. This prominent person was deeply attached to the magazines like ‘Prabashi’, ‘Shanibarer Chithi’, ‘Jugantar’. For some time he edited the magazine- ‘Shanibarer Chithi’. Notable books are- ‘Purusher Bhagya’, ‘Smriti Charan’, ‘Patra Smriti’, ‘Pothe Pothe’, ‘Ghughu’, ‘Marke Lenge‘, ‘Magic Lonthan’, etc.

Dear friends, now I want to share the best ridicule compositions of Parimal Goswami- ‘Shreshtha Byanga-Galpo’.
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