Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo Bangla Anubad ebook pdf

Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo Bangla Anubad ebook pdf file
ebook name- Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo
Translated by- Supriyo Basak
Edited by- Premendra Majumdar
Book genre- Bangla anubad stories
File format- PDF
Pages- 167
File size- 12mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo

‘Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo’ is a selected collection of Latin American stories.
What is the reason for this attraction to Latin American literature? Why these enter deep into the people heart and shake them?
One other continent. They are unknown people, unknown culture. And literature slowly uncovered from their culture and tradition. We want to know their new-age old civilizations like Maya-Aztec-Inca. And we were familiar with their colonials inhumanity like Portuguese and Spaniard Plunder. Red-Indian tribes, The huge feather hat on their head, religious activities, all of their strange goddesses, step pyramid, the cave image of primitive man, the ruins of Machu Picchu at the top of the mountain, deep jungle filled with mysteriousness, all the unknown animals, primitive music, all these attract to us. A world of illusions became alive in front of our eyes. We can get all the hints from the selected stories of this book.

Friends, collect this translated book of ‘Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo’ as pdf. There are selected twenty-eight Latin American Stories in Bengali translation compilation in this book. These are-

Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo contents
Latin Americar Nirbachito Galpo content 2

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