Ea Sob Agamikal Ghatechhilo – Bengali Sci-Fi Story Book pdf

E Sob Agamikal Ghatechhilo – Bengali Sci-Fi Story Book pdf
ebook name- ‘E Sob Agamikal Ghatechhilo’
Writer- Various
Edited by- Bal Fundke
Book genre- Sci-Fi
File format- PDF
Size- 9mb
Pages- 298
Quality- best, without any watermark

E Sob Agamikal Ghatechhilo pdf

A collection of nineteen science fiction stories in various Indian languages.

Explaining exactly what a science fiction story means, Hugo Gernsback said, “What I understand about a science fiction story is, the national story of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and Edgar Allan Poe- a fascinating wonder, mixed with scientific information and The vision described by the future visionary, and the image of the new innovation that is there today ‘… that will not be impossible tomorrow.’ These words apply to most of the science fiction stories written in the Western but in any language, the main subject of science fiction literature in India is mainly based on human values which are based on scientific development and the interaction between human emotion or social basis.
It is known that the first Indian science fiction story was written in Bengali by Jagadish Chandra Bose and at about the same time in Marathi by S. B. Ranare. Later, science fiction stories were written in other languages including Tamil, but its development was mainly in Marathi, the proof of which can be found in this collection as well. This collection of science fiction stories written in different Indian languages will give an overall picture of the trend of Indian science fiction literature.
Writer-editor Bal Fundke has carefully selected the stories.

All the science fiction stories in this collection are-
Tushar Juge Aschhe – Jayanta D. Narlikar
Protarok- Bal Fundke
Dwitiyo Einstei- Lakhsman Lendhe
Andhakarer Buk Beye- Subodh Jobadekar
Lokta- Niranjan S. Ghate
Rubi- Arup Mande
Janmagoto Adhikar- Shubhuda Gogate
Nilbarna Biral- Anish Deb
Somoy- Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay
Uttoron- Niranjan Singha
Ubhoy Sankat- ‘Sujata’
Shukra Graha Lakhha Korchhe- Rajshekhar Bhusnurmath
Lift- Sanjoy Havanur
Ishwarer Mukhomukhi- Debabrata Das
Kon Dui Kale- Mukul Sharma
Dwitiya Agomon- R.N.Sharma
Brishti- Keneth Dowel
Biday, Mister Kanna- Debendra Mewari
Posyoputra- Arabindra Mishra

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