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Ekushti Bangla Galpa Ed. Arunkumar Mukhopadhyay pdf

Ekushti Bangla Galpa ebook

Ekushti Bangla Galpa Ed. Arunkumar Mukhopadhyay, Bengali Book pdfe-book name- ‘Ekushti Bangla Galpa’,Written by – Various eminent authors,Edited by- Arunkumar MukhopadhyayType of book- Short stories collection,File format- PDF,PDF size- 8 Mb,Pages- 310,Quality- not bad, no watermark, Rabindranath Tagore was the first successful artist of Bengali short stories. Short stories have come to life in his […]

Sangsod Bangali Charitavidhan pdf

Sangsod Bangali Charitavidhan ebook

Sangsod Bangali Charitavidhan, Bengali book pdfe-book name- ‘Sangsod Bangali Charitavidhan’,Edited by – Subodh Chandra Sengupta and Anjali Basu,Type of book- Biographies collection book,File format- PDF,PDF size- 78 Mb,Pages- 646,Quality- Good, no watermark, Biographies of all those who have made a special impact on the history of Bengal and the life of Bengalis by their deeds […]

Upochhaya – Bengali Famous Ghost Story Collection Book pdf

Upochhaya ebook

Upochhaya – Bengali Famous Ghost Story Collection eBook pdfe-book name- ‘Upochhaya’,Written by – Various eminent authorsCompiled and Edited by – Sukumar Sen, Subhadra Kumar Sen,Type of book- Ghost Story Collection,File format- PDF,PDF size- 69 Mb,Pages- 334,Original Uploader – molat facebook groupQuality- Good but mobile scan, no watermark, Clickable Table of Contents. A collection of famous […]