Kalitantram – Bangla ebook pdf

Kalitantram – Bangla ebook pdf
ebook name- Kalitantram
Book genre- Trantra mantra
File format- PDF
Size- 12mb
Pages- 451
Quality- good, without any watermark

Kalitantram Bangla ebook

Maa Kali is the Goddess in Hindu mythology and is entitled as the Goddess of Kaal and the power or Supreme Energy. ‘Kal’ meaning ‘fixed time’ is used contextually to mean ‘death’. ‘Kalitantram’ is a rare book of tantra mantras published by Sri Jagannath Das. This book contains all the actions of Tantra devotees, meditation of the goddess Kalika Devi, ideas, pranayama, puja, hom, asana, kumbham, purashcharan sadhana, siddhi, etc. Anima Laghimadi sadhana, eloquence, bakrasiddhi are all there. All Kali devotees or Tantrik love this very rare book very much.

This book was written at that time with a lot of effort and money.

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Dear reader, collect this Bangla Hindu religion tantra mantra book- ‘Kalitantram‘ Bangla ebook pdf.

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