Bhraman Omnibus (vol-1 and 3) by Uma Prasad Mukherjee


Bhraman Omnibus (vol-1 and 3) by Uma Prasad Mukherjee ebooks pdf.
e-book name- Bhraman Omnibus
Author- Uma Prasad Mukhopadhyay
Vol- 1 and 3
Format- PDF
Quality- good

Bhraman Omnibus by Uma Prasad Mukherjee

Uma Prasad Mukherjee (1902-1997), was the pioneer of Bengali travel literature. He mentioned accurate details of the Himalayas in these books. Nature of Goddess has been kept that precious gems in the various states of Himalayas, by choosing them the authors kept the beauty in front of the readers of Bengali literature through this writing. The book has five volumes but there is I’ll share its two-volume, vol- 1 and vol-3.
Readers can Collect the ebooks pdf

Brahman Amnibas Vol-1
Pages- 375
PDF Size- 28mb

Brahman Amnibas Vol-2
Pages- 402
Size- 38mb

Readers can collect this Interesting Travel Curiosities Omnibus in pdf file.


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