Swapanburo Rachanabali (part-1 & 2) Bangla digital books

Swapanburo Rachanabali (part-1 and 2) Bangla digital books pdf
ebook name- Swapanburo Rachanabali (part-1 and 2)
Author- Akhil Niyogi (Swapanburo)
Edited by- Asitabha Das
File format- PDF
Quality- good, without any watermark

Swapanburo Rachanabali ebook

Famous poet, literary and child-literate ‘Akhil Niyogi‘ is also known as the pseudonym- “Swapanburo”. He was the director of the “Chhotoder Patotari” which is the children’s section in the Jugantar newspaper. He also edited a children’s literature magazine “Maspaila” (1929) with Khitish Chandra Bhattacharya. In 1957 ‘Sob Peyechhir Asor’ was started of his management, for the beautiful mental, physical and cultural formation of children. In his words, this is the ‘man-building factory’. There were arrangements of dancing, singing, poetry, bratachari dance, etc. for the children.

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This prominent writer has enriched Bangla literature by his remarkable writing, these are- Hasir Holla, Deshe Deshe Mor Ghor Achhe, Babui Basa Bodring, Beporoya, Rupkotha, Adventure, Khanojanmma, etc. Now I want to share ‘Swapanburo Rachanabali’ both parts as a pdf file. The book edited by Asitabha Das.
Swapanburo Rachanabali part-1 content
Swapanburo Rachanabali part-1
Pages- 340
File size- 28mb
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Swapanburo Rachanabali part 2 content
Swapanburo Rachanabali part-2
Pages- 317
File size- 25mb
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