Nastikatar Baire by Ashok Mitra in PDF

Nastikatar Baire by Ashok Mitra Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Nastikatar Baire
Writer – Ashok Mitra
Format- PDF
size- 14MB
Pages- 178
eBook quality- excellent

Nastikatar Baire by Ashok Mitra

Ashok Mitra born on 10 April 1928 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Education: Daka University, University of Kolkata, and the School of Economics, Netherlands. He was Rajya Sabha MP in India and former finance minister of West Bengal. He was an economist and politician and also author of articles in Bengali and English. His Bangla books are “Okhatha-Kukatha”, “Ochenake Chine-Chine”, “Kabita Theke Michhil”, “Nastikatar Baire”, “Charitrabali”, “Tal-Betal” etc. Now I’ll share with you a Bangla book of his- “Nastikatar Baire”. Get eBook Nastikatar Baire in PDF.
Readers can collect this eminent Bangla book in pdf file.

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