Pahar Churay Atanko, Bangla eBook in PDF

Pahar Churay Atanko Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Pahar Churay Atanko
Format- PDF
size- 9MB
Pages- 143
eBook quality- excellent

Pahar Churay AtankoThe place name is Gorakhshep. There is no house plants, just view stone and snow. There are high-high mountains surrounding, this place is a bit flat. Here there are some burnt wood, and many empty tin-box, Everest-explorers have camped in this place. In front there is a small hill, its name kalapathara. Clearly seen to Everest-turret from here. Everest. The highest mountain peak in the world. Santu watching every day Everest-turret from here….If you want to read full story of this Bangla book- “Pahar Churay Atanko”. Get this Bangla eBook.
Now, Santu and Kakababu came in Gorakhshep. This is a base camp of Everest adventurers. A small hill in front, name Kalapathar, the summit of Everest is clearly visible from here. There are two Sherpa and 5 carriers or kuli with Santu. A few days ago, when Kakababu returned from abroad, then he took in a glass box with a tooth. After then… read this mysterious story by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

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