Sreshto Golpo by Samaresh Basu in PDF

Sreshto Golpo by Samaresh Basu Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Sreshto Golpo
Author – Samaresh Basu

Format- PDF
size- 14MB
Pages- 210
eBook quality- excellent

Sreshto Golpo by Samaresh Basu

Samaresh Basu (bron on December 11, 1924- died on March 12, 1988) was a prominent Indian Bengali writer and novelist. Kalkut and Bhamor was his anonym. In 1980, he received the Sahitya Academy Award for for his creation “Shambo”  he was also awarded by Ananda Purushkar. He wrote 200 short stories and 100 novels. There is no comparison that he fought until the death as an author. His own life is another epic novel. Notable novels are- “Uttaranga”, “Ganga”, “Bibor”, “Projapati”, “Dekhi Nai Fire”, “Soudagar”, “Patok”, “Tin Purush” etc. Now I’ll share with you a Bangla book of his- “Sreshto Golpo”, there are 15 short stories in this Bangla book. Get eBook Sreshto Golpo in PDF.

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content of Sreshto Golpo

***Dear readers can also collect the all parts of Kalkut Rachana Samagra by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf. Kalkut Samagra, this author wrote a lot of story book under the pseudonym ‘Kalkut’, The word “Kalkut” means in the Bangla is acute poison.

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  1. I am highly obliged for the uploads in this site . Now , I would request to upload Colonel Samagra by Syed Mustafa Siraj Ans Ashok Thakur Samagra by Samaresh Bose ,if possible. A hearty thanks from this poor reader .

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