Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev Bose free ebook pdf

Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev Bose free ebook pdf
ebook name- Prabandha-Sankalan
Written by- Buddhadev Bose
Book genre- Prabandha-Sankalan (articles collection)
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 27mb
Pages- 383
Quality- best, without any watermark

Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev Bose

Some words about the Banglali author Buddhadev Bose

One of the proverbs men of modern Bengali literature is Buddhadev Bose. This great literary had a natural and spontaneous feeling behind being a poet. Likewise, he enriched his creations through extensive reading of indigenous and foreign literature.
This versatile talented man was a poet, playwright, storyteller, translator, editor and literary critic. He is regarded as one of the poets who introduced new poetry genre in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century. But, he is especially honored for his literary criticism and the publication and editing of his poetry magazine. The author also earned acclaim in England and America by writing poems, stories, essays in the English language.
And it is true that it is debatable whether anyone else during his time had touched the magnitude of his excellence in Bengali essay writing. Why is Buddha’s essay important? One simple answer to this is, we have to access his contemporary literature through Buddha’s essay. In addition to this, before him, no one had influenced the reader through essays on poetry and literature. Except for Rabindranath.
He was able to distinguish the subject and style of the essay from its predecessors. His essay is the first personal article in Bengali literature. To express the good and bad aspects of literature through one’s own feelings. His voice is heard in his article.

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Dear readers, now I want to share a articles collection book of this author- ‘Prabandha-Sankalan’ in pdf. This ‘essay compilation’ has been divided into two sections, one section is Criticism and other section belles-lettres and Travel. The first volume begins with five articles about Rabindranath, then a discussion about other Indian and foreign poets and artists.

Table of content-

Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev Bose contents 1
Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev Bose contents 2

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Dear readers, now you can collect the remarkable Bangla essay compilation book– ‘Prabandha-Sankalan by Buddhadev BoseBengali free ebook pdf.

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