Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar (Rajat Khanda) Bangla pdf download

Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar (Rajat Khanda) Bangla pdf download

ebook name- Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar (Rajat Khanda)
Author- Manoj Basu
File format- PDF
Pages- 855
File size- 34mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar

There are three novels in this part of Rajat Khanda, these are-
“Bon Kete Basat”
“Manush Garar Karigor”
“Sei Gram Sei Sob Manush”

About the author Manoj Basu

Manoj Bose was born in the famous Basu family of Dongaghata village of Jessore district (now in Bangladesh), 4 Shraban of Bangla 1308 (July 25, 1901). He had the dream of becoming a writer from adolescence. Struggling with poverty till about forty years of age. But despite many temptations, he did not give up literature.
After completed the BA degree in 1924, he joined as a teacher at the Calcutta South Suburban School. Apart from teaching in school, he continued the book publishing business and earned a lot of fame in this business. He began writing novels alongside the publication of the book. The main issue of each of his novels is the problem of the everyday life of the country, person and society, and the beauty of the village and the lives of the rural people. The biography of rural man was the basic foundation of Manoj Basu’s novels. A contemporary social system, the politics of the country and people’s daily life struggles, these are skillfully presented in his literature. In his stories and novels, we see that he expresses every character in a very simple way with simple language. For this reason his stories and novels touched every reader’s heart.

*Readers might also like to read-
Manoj Basur Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar (Hirak Khanda)
Manoj Basur Galpo Samagra (uttar porbo)

Some notable works are-
Novels: ‘Bhulinai’, ‘Sainik’, ‘Joljangal’, ‘Brishti Brishti’, ‘Amar Fansi’, ‘Rakter Bodale Rakta’, ‘Manush Gorar Karigar’, ‘Rupabati’, ‘Bon Kete Basat’, ‘Nishikutamba’, ‘Poth Ke Dekhabe’ etc.
Story books: ‘Bonomarmar’, ‘Nobobandh’, ‘Debi Kishori’, ‘Prithibi Kader’, ‘Ekoda Nishith Kale’ etc.
Natak: ‘Plaban’, ‘Natun Prabhat’, ‘Rakhibandhan’ and ‘Sheshloy’.

Dear friends, now I want to share a novel collection book of his written- ‘Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar (Rajat Khanda)’. Few days ago I shared two parts of his writing collection, Hirak Khanda and Uttar Porbo in pdfs whose links have been given above.

Collect the book PDF or Read Online
Dear Bengali readers can collect this Bangla book- ‘Manoj Basu-er Shreshtha Rachana Sambhar‘ in Bangla pdf download.

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