Bangalir Itihas by Nihar Ranjan Roy history book in Bengali language

Bangalir Itihas (Adi Parba) by Nihar Ranjan Roy history book in Bengali language

ebook name- Bangalir Itihas (Adi Parba)
Author- Nihar Ranjan Roy
Book type- history book in bengali
File format- PDF
Pages- 861
File size- 48mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Bangalir Itihas by Niharranjan Roy

Not Bengal, it is the history of Bengalis. People who have a lot of interest in history they must know this Bangali author.
Nihar Ranjan (Born: January 14, 1903 – died: 30th August 1981) is one of the last great scholars of India. In fact, he was a Bengali historian, literary critic and artist-researcher scholastic. He was a nation-wide and internationally renowned intellectual. He travels in various fields of knowledge such as arts, ancient and modern literature, history, religion, politics and life story, and compiled many books. He earned his first fame in the study of art-history and this subject was the basis of his research with the context of the integrated view of history.
Nihar Ranjan’s erudition is moving in many areas of literature. He wrote more than seventy in English and thirty-six in Bengali about the subject of articles, essay, speeches. And there are fifteen books in English and seven books in Bengal whose subject was history.

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Honorable readers, now I want to share a remarkable historical book of this author. Scholar on many subject, this person wrote this book- ‘Bangalir Itihas (Adi Parba)’ and it is considered as the most reliable book about the original Bangalees.

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So honorable Bengali readers can collect this history book in Bengali language- ‘Bangalir Itihas by Nihar Ranjan Roy‘ in Bangla pdf download.

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