Adventure Omnibus by Dhirendralal Dhar Chhotoder Galper Boi pdf

Adventure Omnibus by Dhirendralal Dhar Chhotoder Galper Boi pdf file

ebook name- Adventure Omnibus
Author- Dhirendralal Dhar
File format- PDF
Pages- 296
File size- 9mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Adventure Omnibus by Dhirendralal Dhar

‘Adventure Omnibus by Dhirendralal Dhar’ is a collection of adventure stories for juvenile readers. There are five adventure in this book, stories are-
Mrityur Pashchate
Bipader Berajal
Joker Jangale
Andhar Rater Artonad
All above the stories have written by the renowned Bengali litterateur Dhirendralal Dhar (January 12, 1913 – 20 September 1991). He received India’s National Award for his contributions to child literature.
But he has left the contribution to almost all branches of literature as the story, novel, detective and adventure stories, biography, play, essay. The number of his published books is more than a hundred. His first published book ‘Mrityur Pashchade’ came out in 1934. His other notable compositions are- ‘Galpo Holeu Satyi’, ‘Amar Desher Manush’, ‘Mahakaler Pujari’, ‘Pashchim Digante’, ‘Bipader Berajal’, ‘Sipahi Juddher Kahini’, ‘Asi Baje Jhanjhan’, ‘Ei Desherai Meye’, ‘Rangmohal’, ‘Banglar Dakat’, ‘Mahakal’, ‘Nalanda Theke Lumbini’ etc. His writing novels for older people, these are- ‘Ratibilap’, ‘Dhew’, ‘Alor Ishara’, ‘Barosaheb’, ‘Boma O Barud’ etc.

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‘Priyodarshi Ashok’, ‘Nilkar Elo Deshe’, ‘Mandire Mandire’ these novels are received many awards. He edited many books and magazines. Dhirendralal got Indian national award in 1979 by the Indian government for his contribution to child literature.
All dear juvenile readers, now I want to share a adventure stories collection book of this author- ‘Adventure Omnibus’ in a pdf file. You may also collect ‘Bhindeshi Rupkatha [Grimm’s fairy tales] by this author from this blog.
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Don’t forget to collect this Chhotoder Galper Boi ‘Adventure Omnibus by Dhirendralal Dhar‘ in pdf.

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