Joy Adamson Omnibus Bangla Anubad Book pdf

Joy Adamson Omnibus Bangla Anubad Book pdf file

ebook name- Joy Adamson Omnibus
Author- Joy Adamson
Bangla Translated by- Arnob Roy, Indubhushan Das
File format- PDF
Pages- 449
File size- 10mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Joy Adamson Omnibus

The real story began with a couple who lived in Kenya, named Joy and George Adamson. At that time George hunts a cannibal lioness and later George found out that lioness had three cubs. The cubs were taken to the house. And after a lion cub named- ‘Elsa’ grew up in the home of Adamson couple without her mother. And after Adamson couple left Elsa in the forest when she had three cubs.Author Joy wrote a book about this whole issue, named- ‘Born Free’ in the 1960 there she describes her experiences with this lioness. After that Joy Adamson wrote many books, these are- ‘Elsa: The Story of a Lioness’ in 1961, ‘Living Free: The story of Elsa and her cubs’ in 1961, ‘Forever Free: Elsa’s Pride’ in 1962, ‘The Spotted Sphinx’ in 1969, ‘Pippa: The Cheetah and her Cubs’ in 1970, ‘Joy Adamson’s Africa’ in 1972, ‘Pippa’s Challenge’ in 1972, ‘Peoples of Kenya’ in 1975, ‘Queen of Shaba: The Story of an African Leopard’ in 1980, ‘Friends from the Forest’ in 1980.
Now I want to share an anubad ebook pdf of this author- ‘Joy Adamson Omnibus‘ with Bangali translation.

There are three stories in this Omnibus, these are-
“Born Free”
“Living Free”- Translated by Arnab Roy
“Forever Free”- Translated by Indubhushan Das
I have shared this book the intention of countless Jay Adamson readers.

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