Swarnakumari Debir Rachana Sankalan Bangla ebook pdf

Swarnakumari Debir Rachana Sankalan Bangla ebook pdf file

ebook name- Swarnakumari Debir Rachana Sankalan
Author- Swarnakumari Debi
Compiler- Avijit Sen and Anindita Bhaduri
File format- PDF
Pages- 540
File size- 16mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Swarnakumari Debir Rachana Sankalan

Swarnakumari Debi was a Poet, playwright, social reformer and social worker. She was the first significant female literary writer of modern Bengali literature. In 1852, author Hana Kathrin Mulenos got the honor of the Bengali language’s first novelist after publishing of his novel ‘Phulmani O Karunar Brittanta’. But Swarnakumari Devi was the first Bengali female novelist. This eminent lady author born in Jodasanko’s Tagore family and she was the granddaughter of Dwarkanath Tagore and Debendranath Tagore’s fourth daughter. She was five years older than her younger brother Rabindranath Tagore. The creativity of male members of Jodasanko Tagore family about music, drama and literature so it say that this creativity touched to Swarnakumari Debi also.
Swarnkumari Devi’s first novel ‘Deepnirban’ was published in 1876. ‘Deepnirban’ was a nationalist inspired novel. After that she wrote a series of novels, plays, poetry and science related articles and also composed many songs. In the context of that era, the importance of women writers like Swarnakumari Devi or Kamini Roy were immense. They were representatives of the first era of educated Bengali women. As such, they carried out their responsibilities through the literary works. Swarnakumari Devi composed the first Bangla Gitinatya (opera)- Basanta Utsab in 1879. There are some notable works of the above said lady author-
Novel- ‘Deepnirban’ (1876), ‘Mibar-Raj’ (1877), ‘Chhinnamukul’ (1879), ‘Malati’ (1879), ‘Huglir Imambari’ (1887), ‘Bidroho’ (1890), ‘Snehalata’ (1892), ‘Kahake’ (1898), ‘Phuler Mala’ (1895), ‘Bichitra’ (1920), ‘Swapnabani’ (1921), ‘Milanrati’ (1925), ‘Sabbirer Din Rat’ (1912).
Natak- ‘Bibaha Utsab’ (1892), ‘Basanta Utsab’, ‘Rajkanya’, ‘Dibyakamal’, ‘Debkoutuk’, ‘Konebadal’, ‘Yuganta’, ‘Nibedita’.
Poetry Book- ‘Gatha’, ‘Gitiguchchh’.
Science related article- ‘Prithibi’.

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Dear readers can collect an ebook of this writer- ‘Swarnakumari Debir Rachana-Sankalan’ in a pdf file. There are a lot of short stories, articles, comedy-drama and many others collection in this book.

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