Nirbachita- Premendra Mitra selected short stories pdf

Nirbachita- Premendra Mitra selected short stories pdf file

ebook name- Nirbachita
Author- Premendra Mitra
Book type- collection of Bangla short stories
File format- PDF
Pages- 272
File size- 8mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

Nirbachita- Premendra Mitra

Premendra Mitra (Born: 1904 – Death: 3 May 1988), a versatile talented Bengali poet, short-stories writer, novelist, and film director.
In the 1920, this poet passed matriculation examination from South Sabarban School in Bhabanipur, Kolkata. He started his career as Ramtanu Lahiri Research Assistant at Calcutta University. Later, while being a Publicity Officer of Film Company, he was introduced to the film world. At the request of prominent actor Pramathesh Barua, he wrote the screenplay of “Rikta”. He took the screenplay writing as profession for some time and wrote about 70 screenplays. He has worked as director of 14 films. His first directed picture “Samadhan” earned fame. His directed film “Sagar Sangame” was awarded by the President award. “Moyla Kagaj” is also very special film.
The number of books written by him is more then one hundred and fifty. Notable novels of his written are- ‘Banka Lekha’, Uponayan’, ‘Agamikal’, ‘Pratishodh’ etc. He also earned fame as a short story writer. Among his other notable story books- ‘Benami Bandar’, ‘Putul O Patima’, ‘Sagar Sangam’, ‘Masha’, Punnam’ etc. His first story ‘Masha’ about ‘Ghanada’ was first publish in 1937. Later he created three more science researchers books- “Mamababu”, detective- “Parashar Barma”, Ghost hunter- “Mejokarta”. His published books of poetry are- ‘Prothoma’, ‘Samrat’, ‘Ferari Fouj’, ‘Sagar Theke Phera’ etc.
Now I want to share a book of his selected Bangla short stories collection- ‘Nirbachita’.
Dear readers can collect this book from this post.
Collect the PDF or Read Online
There are twenty seven short stories in this book. These stories are-
‘Shudhu Kerani’, ‘Ponaghat Periye’, ‘Mot Baro’, ‘Punnam-‘, ‘Kuyashay’, ‘Hoyto’, ‘Shrinkhal’, ‘Bhabishyater Bhar’, ‘Chirodiner Itihas’, ‘Sansar Simante’, ‘Punarmilan’, ‘Sagar Sangam’, ‘Mahanagar’, ‘Stove’, ‘Anabashyak’, ‘Telenapota Abishkar’, ‘Kolkatar Arabya Rajani’, ‘Bagh’, ‘Sap’, ‘Niruddesh’, ‘Tasya Tasya’, ‘Kalo Jol’, ‘Bideshini’, ‘Tankkal’, ‘Shashtirupe Tamonash’, ‘Ikebana’ and ‘Robinson Crusho Meye Chhilen’.

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