Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha Bangla novels pdf

Satyavati Trilogy (Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha) by Ashapurna Devi pdf
Written by- Ashapurna Devi
Book genre- Trilogy novel collection
File format- PDF
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Pages- 1109
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Pratham Pratishruti-Subarnalata-Bakul Kotha pdf

Some words about the ‘Satyavati Trilogy’-

Satyavati trilogy is a very important creation of Bengali literature by Ashapurna Devi. That’s because this trilogy introduces us to women from three different eras. Satyavati is the main character in the first book of this series ‘Pratham Pratishruti’ (First Promise). And Satyavati, Subarnalata, and Bakul – mother, daughter, and granddaughter – are the three heroines of the trilogy.
The perseverance of Satyavati’s character, the way she handles the complex problems of family and social life in a clever way will fascinate you. In the first half of the twentieth century, the social status of women, barriers, etc. can be known very clearly from this novel. The biggest appeal of the trilogy is Satyavati.
On the other hand, Subarnalata is a little behind in terms of progressivism. She did not have such a lively attitude as her mother. However, during the Swadeshi movement, she had an anti-British attitude.
‘Bakul’ is a writer of the novel Bakul Kotha, and in her time women have gained considerable freedom. In this novel, the details of contemporary issues are revealed.

Pratham Pratishruti, Subarnalata, and Bakul Kotha– these three novels give a clear idea of the social and familial position of women in the Indian subcontinent, especially in Bengal. The novel series describes women’s self-esteem, the growing change in the status of women under house arrest, and the step-by-step progress towards women’s liberation.

In this post, now I want to share a book of all time best three novel collection- Pratham Pratishruti, Subarnalata, Bakul Kotha, Satyavati Trilogy by Ashapurna Devi.
Friends, there are a lot of books of these three novels in the blogs, forums, and social media but pdf quality is not enough good, so we have try to brought here much good quality pdf in a cover.

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