Pratisorgo (Golpo Somvar) – Bangla Golper Boi pdf

Pratisorgo (Golpo Somvar) – Bangla Golper Boi pdf
ebook name- ‘Pratisorgo’ (Golpo Somvar)
Writer- Various
Edited by- Nantu Sarkar and Joyanto Rasik
Book genre- A short story collection
File format- PDF
Size- 11mb
Pages- 205
Quality- best, without any watermark

Pratisorgo bangla golper boi

It is a collection of short stories by a number of writers who are not well-established, but many of whom are likely to be established. In their stories, the identity of mature craftsmanship may not be found in many places, but in the writings of several writers, there are signs of deep awareness about the problems of life, and in narration, characterization, many have introduced the sense of art.
Somewhere in the stories there is a tone of bitter satire and despair, as well as confidence, conviction and hope about life. Many aspects of life, good and bad, light and dark, are revealed in the stories, but nowhere is the formula-bound life and its consequences shown, no theoretical doctrine predominates anywhere. The colors, the pictures, the looks of the diverse life are reflected in the stories. Most of the stories are too short in size, so there was no opportunity for in-depth analysis and character expansion and complexity. The stories have therefore become a few flashbacks in many cases.

All the writers who have written here-
Nantu Sarkar, Ashoka Pathak, Joyanto Rasik, Dipti Dasgupta, Tridib Kumar Barman, Beauty Majumdar, Madhu Mishra, Asim Chowdhuri, Atul Paul, and many more.

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