Baroti Rahasya Upanyas by Anish Deb । pdf & epub

Baroti Rahasya Upanyas by Anish Deb । pdf & epub
ebook name- Baroti Rahasya Upanyas
Writer- Anish Deb
Book genre- Mysterious novel collection
File format- PDF and Epub
Courtesy by- teleboi
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Baroti Rahasya Upanyas by Anish Deb

Anish Deb is a well known and popular fiction writer to the new generation of readers. This eminent writer is basically an Indian Bengali speaking writer, but he is equally popular with the readers of Bangladesh. The main topics of his writing are detective, science fiction, translation, and mystery. In particular, Bengali science fiction literature is still survives in his hands.

He continues to writing for all ages readers, children, and adults. The well-known and popular books of his- ‘Teish Ganta Shat Minute’, ‘Shat Minute Teish Ganta’, ‘Bhoypatal’, ‘Lashtalash’, ‘Pataljhor’, ‘Himshital’, ‘Dekha Jaina Shona Jai’, ‘Ek Bindu Sandeho’, ‘Bhutnather Dairy’, etc.
In addition to writing, he is also skilled in editing literary compilations. Notable are among these – ‘Shotobarsher Sera Rahasya Upanyas’, ‘Rahasya Romancho Goenda Patrikar Sera 100 Golpo’, ‘Bhoyer Golpo 51’, ‘Rakta Phota Phota’, ‘Kishor Kalpobigyan Samagra’, ‘Bishwer Sera Bhoyankar Bhuter Golpo’, etc.

Professor of Science with M.Tech. And Ph.D. degree, this Anish Babu has very fluently presented various aspects of science in various books written by him, such as- ‘Bigyan Jokhon Bhabay’, ‘Bigyaner Harek Rokom’, ‘Romachokor Dumketu’, ‘Kemon Kore Kajkore Jontra’, ‘Sohoj Kothay Internet’, etc.

Now in this post, I have shared with you the PDF and ePub file of Anish Dev’s ‘Baroti Rahasya Upanyas’ (Twelve Mystery Novels).

1. Baroti Rahasya Upanyas- EPUB
Size- 1mb
Pages- 662
Collect the EPUB from the drive

2. Baroti Rahasya Upanyas- PDF
Size- 5mb
Pages- 1527
Collect the pdf or Read online

Dear reader, you can collect a mysterious novel collection book- ‘Baroti Rahasya Upanyas by Anish Deb‘ in EPUB and pdf.

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