Bhaypatal by Anish Deb in PDF

Bhaypatal by Anish Deb in PDF Bangla eBook in PDF

Book name- Bhaypatal
Author – Anish Deb
Format- PDF
size- 8MB
Pages- 298
eBook quality- excellent, no watermark.

Bhaypatal by Anish Deb

Anish Deb was born on 22 October 1951 in Kolkata. He is Physics honors graduate of the University of Calcutta and B.Tech, M.Tech, PHD of Applied physics. He Began writing in 1968, on Rahasya monthly magazine. The main topics of his writing are detective, science fiction, translation and mysteriousness.

His notable published novel / story books are- “Ghaser sish nai”, “Saper Chok”, “Tirbiddho”, “Dekha jay na shona jay na” etc. His edited books are- Sera Kolpo Bighyan, Sera kishor kolpo bighyan etc. The popular-science books are- Bighyaner horekrakam, Hate kalome computer, Bighyaner doshdiganto etc. Award- Prachin Kolakendra Sahitya Puruskar(1998), Dr. Ganchandra Ghosh Puruskar(1999). Today I’ll share with you, his Bangla book “Bhaypatal”. Get Bangla eBook Bhaypatal in PDF.

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