Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan pdf

Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan – Bengali ebook in pdf
ebook name- ‘Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan’,
Written by- Sushil Ray,
Book genre- A story collection book,
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 11Mb,
Pages- 223,
Quality- best, without any watermark

Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan pdf

Sushil Roy is one of the best short story writers of recent Bengal literature. His writing strength and talent have already gained recognition in the literary and readership of Bengal.
Sushilbabu knows how to make stories, knows how to finish, and he has mastered the technique of storytelling. The language of his writing is simple, relaxed; Sentences are short, their speed is sometimes abrupt, but simple and fluent everywhere; Conversation is very domestic, its relation to daily life and middle-class thinking.
The structure of the story is tight and sharp. Fictions do not hurt materialism anywhere, it recognizes the mind in a very simple natural way. But Sushilbabu loves to amaze the reader with the format of the events, and he is adept at that. His vision is very clear and deep at various levels of middle-class life.

This great writer started composing poetry at the age of fourteen. At the age of only nineteen when he did not cross the college campus, at that time he wrote a beautiful novel called ‘Ekoda’. This novel is a story of just one day.
Later, his three novels ‘Srimati Panchami Samipeshu’, ‘Tribeni’ and ‘Rudraksh’ and two books of poems titled ‘Panchali’ and ‘Sucharitasu’ were published. Besides, there are many stories like ‘Lakshmi Haran Natya’, ‘Kulangar’, ‘Rajosi’, ‘Matha’, ‘Madhu Gauli’ etc. which will keep Sushilbabu forever in the literary society.
Now I want to share with you, a story collection book by this author- Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan in a pdf.
There are forteen story in this collection, these are-

Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan contents

Collect the pdf or Read it online

Dear readers, collect this story collection book- ‘Sushil Rayer Golpo-Sanchayan‘ Bengali ebook in pdf.

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