Adventure Samagra by Ajeyo Roy pdf

Adventure Samagra by Ajeyo Roy, Bengali adventure story book pdf
ebook name- ‘Adventure Samagra’,
Written by – Ajeyo Roy,
Book genre- Adventure story book for teenagers,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 349,
PDF File size- 75Mb,
Quality- good but mobile scan, without any watermark, with a clickable table of content.

Adventure Samagra by Ajay Roy pdf

A new horizon for children’s literature has opened up since the first adventure stories were written for children in Europe. And at that time some of the world-winning writers gave some of the best gems to children’s literature. The quality of Robert Lewis Steven- ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Kidnapd’, and Jules Verne’s books on science fiction and adventure have not faded to this day. The wonder of the world has fascinated the little ones forever.

This is also a powerful way to increase their knowledge, the way to know the unknown. The author of this book, Ajay Roy has been able to write the story of adventure in a very succinct and simple way. And the stories he writes contain a lot of information. Before Ajay Roy presents any information, he is careful to check whether it is accurate. This is his specialty. The stories in this book are so fascinating as to be fictional. He is the ideal writer for children.

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