Anubad Somogro by Satyajit Ray Bangla pdf download

Anubad Somogro by Satyajit Ray bangla pdf download
ebook name- Anubad Somogro
Written by- Satyajit Ray
Book genre- Translated book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 21mb
Pages- 151
Book courtesy of drh–seqaep dot org
Quality- best, without any watermark

Anubad Somogro by Satyajit Ray pdf

Some words about the great filmmaker and author Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray (Born: May 2, 1921 – Died: April 23, 1992) is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, art director, music director and author who considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century in India. As a filmmaker, Satyajit was versatile and his work was enormous. He produced thirty-seven full-length movies, documentaries, and short films. His first film, ‘Pather Panchali’ (1955) won eleven international awards, one of which was the “Best Human Documentary” award at the Cannes Film Festival.
Pather Panchali, Aprajit (1956) and Apur Sansar (1959) – These three together are known as the Apu trio, and this movie-trio is widely recognized as the best work of Satyajit’s life. He has received numerous international awards during his distinguished career, including the Academy Award for the Oscar which he earned as recognition throughout his career.
He has authored several short stories and novels, especially considering teenage readers. His created two characters detective Feluda and Professor Shanku are most popular among the Bengali readers.

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Satyajit Ray also skillfully translated some foreign stories into Bengali. Here in this post, I’m going to share such type of translated book. Most of the stories in this book are mysterious story.

‘Anubad Somogro’ is a book on detective and other stories which are translated by this author. There are eight stories in this book These are-
Blue-John Gohworer Bibhishika
Molla Nasiruddiner Galpo
Brejiler Kalo Bagh
Mongolai Swargo
Ishwarer Noy’lakhs koti Naam
Ihudir Koboj

Anubad Somogro by Satyajit Ray table of table

Collect the pdf or Read online

Dear friends, now you can collect this Bangla translated book- ‘Anubad Somogro by Satyajit Ray‘ bangla pdf download.

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