Jagannath Kahini by Dulendra Bhowmik pdf

Jagannath Kahini by Dulendra Bhowmik, Bengali book pdf
ebook name- ‘Jagannath Kahini’,
Written by – Dulendra Bhowmik,
Book genre- Religious book,
File format- PDF,
Pages- 95,
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Jagannath Kahini by Dulendra Bhowmik pdf

There must be a history behind all creation on earth. In the same way, there is a dramatic story behind the world-famous temple of Jagannath in Puri. King Indradyumna’s adored god ‘Nilamadhab’ is manifested and established here as Lord Jagannath. But why didn’t Nilmadhab come? The story of Jagannath is more fascinating than the novel.

The author has written this story in the fluent style of classical prose and here it is not just about glorifying God, it is about people. There are invaluable resources of devotion, faith, love, and humanity on every page of this book. God is here of all races, of all classes. There is no mention of bigotry in this book, here God is an invisible bridge of holiness and compassion. Here Brahmins and Shabars, Antyajas, and Kayasthas can all stand holding hands and love each other. Not pride, but self-sacrifice, and faith in man is the only way to get to God.

Dulendra Bhowmik’s Jagannath Kahini is a famous and highly acclaimed book. The main subject of the book is the size of Jagannath Bigraha, various legends associated with the introduction of this temple and worship.

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