Manusher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta pdf to ebook format


Manusher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta Bangla pdf to ebook format
e-book name- Manusher Thikana
Author name- Amal Dasgupta
File format- PDF
PDF size- 22mb
Pages- 315
Quality- good, without any watermark

Manusher Thikana by Amal Dasgupta ebook
What is the name? Name- Man
Dwelling? Houses-earth
The identity of the family? This question can not be answered in one word. Over the past hundred years, many of the various nation scientists are looking for answers to this question. Scientists try to found some patterns by which they can be found the proper identity of the ancestor. And they have found that the patterns and they have decided from the evidence. The author try to give the description to this book. We can be found in not only the identity of the ancestors but also we found a history of how man have become a man. Curious readers would collect the scientific knowledge book Manusher Thikana (The address of man) as pdf from link below. You would also collect- Prithibir Thikana and Mahakasher Thikana of the author.
Bangla pdf to ebook format Manusher Thikana


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