Prithibir Thikana by Amal Dasgupta free ebook pdf

Prithibir Thikana by Amal Dasgupta Bangla free ebook pdf
e-book name- Prithibir Thikana
Author name- Amal Dasgupta
File format- PDF
PDF size- 18mb
Pages- 252
Quality- good, no watermark

Prithibir Thikana by Amal Dasgupta ebook
Our earth is purely a second-class planet in this vast universe, Our sun is a third-class stars and the moon is an insignificant lump. Yet the mystery of the earth, the moon and the sun is always a surprise to us. So many era before man have been trying to know about the beginning of genesis. People have so confident on his own power on standing face to face with the great mystery of the universe. If you want to know the address of the earth, the first thing is to think about the immensity of time. To be surprised, the ground beneath our feet arrange the layers are varied history. Atmosphere upon our heads gave shelter to all creatures with affection and compassion like Mother’s sari. ‘Prithibir Thikana’ is a wonderful book to known about the address of the earth and this science knowledge book written by Amal Dasgupta. Readers could also collect an another book of this author name ‘Mahakasher Thikana‘.
Bangla free ebook pdf Prithibir Thikana

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