Mahakash Porichay by Jitendra Kumar Guha PDF

Mahakash Porichay by Jitendra Kumar Guha, Bengali free ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Mahakash Porichay’,
Written by- Jitendra Kumar Guha,
Book genre- An Astro science book,
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 5Mb,
Pages- 259,
Quality- HQ, without any watermark, clickable table of contents

Mahakash Porichay by Jitendra Kumar Guha

There are many popular books in English in different branches of science. Those books are understandable to the readers even though they are not proficient in science. Such books in regional languages are essential in all countries. With such an attitude, Jitendra Kumar Guha wrote an astronomy book called ‘Akash Rahasya’ in 1936.
Many years have passed since then. In the meantime, the power of telescopes has increased, a new branch of space observation called ‘radio astronomy’ has emerged, rocket missions have been launched in space surveys, and discoveries in other fields of science have continued to enrich astronomy. As a result, astronomy is advancing at an extraordinary speed. Naturally, various new forms have come up in the theory and information discussed in the book ‘Akash Rahasya’.
And then the author tried to compose this book ‘Mahakash Porichay’. In this book, the author has tried to summarize the many theories and information discovered from the primitive age of astronomy to the present time by making them readable to the public.

After 1973, this Rabindra award-winner book was not republished. So it is quite rare. But Gaurishankar Ghatak of Vaidyabati created this PDF by typing from the ruined pages of the book. Many thanks to him.

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Dear readers, collect this rare Bengali book about space and astronomy/Makash Bigyan boi- ‘Mahakash Porichay by Jitendra Kumar Guha‘ Bengali free ebook pdf.

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