Aurobinder Gita (all parts) by Aurobindo Ghosh, Geeta in Bengali pdf

Aurobinder Gita by Aurobindo Ghosh pdf
ebook name- ‘Aurobinder Gita’ (Part- 1,2,3 and 4)
Written by – Rishi Arvind Swami (Arvind Ghosh)
Book genre- Religion book,
File format- PDF
Quality- good, without any watermark,

Aurobinder Gita

Aurobinder Gita: The Gita is another scripture of the Hindus, but there is a special difference between the Gita and all other religious books. That is, the Gita is not a separate book in itself, like the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Koran, or the Bible – it is part of the epic Mahabharata, a history of the life and war of a nation.
At that time Prince Arjuna was faced with the most important deed of his life, that deed is very great, there is a possibility of catastrophe and bloodshed in it, there is a time when he either has to retreat or move forward to complete the deed in a steady manner. The origin of the Gita at this turning point.
Spiritual and moral theories are not discussed in a general way in the Gita, all those theories have been applied to solve the real problems of life. What is the problem, what is the meaning of the battle of Kurukshetra, what is the effect on the inner life of Arjuna? Without understanding these, it is not possible to understand the meaning of the Gita.

Now in this post, we shared the four-volume PDF of ‘Essays on Gita‘ by Rishi Arvind Swami (Arvind Ghosh) and it translated into Bengali by Sri Anil Baran Roy. Geeta in Bengali pdf.

1.Aurobinder Gita, Part-1
Size- 8Mb
Pages- 153
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2.Aurobinder Gita, Part-2
Size- 12Mb
Pages- 307
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3.Aurobinder Gita, Part-3
Size- 7Mb
Pages- 133
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4.Aurobinder Gita, Part-4
Size- 6Mb
Pages- 127
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Dear readers, collect this Hindu scripture book- ‘Aurobinder Gita by Aurobindo Ghosh‘ the four volumes pdf

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