Sadhak-Jiban-Samagra by Abadhut PDF

Sadhak-Jiban-Samagra by Abadhut, ebook PDF
ebook name- ‘Sadhak-Jiban-Samagra’,
Written by- Kalikananda Abadhut,
Book genre- Tantra Mantra
File format- PDF,
PDF Size- 29Mb,
Pages- 487,
Quality- good, without any watermark,

Sadhak-Jiban-Samagra by Abadhut

The emergence of writer like Kalikananda Abhdhut in Bengali literature is as wonderful as the content of his stories. And among his wonderful works ‘Marutirtha Hinglaj’ is the best example. After that, all writings that create thrills in the mind of the reader, are autobiographical anecdotes set in the background of his own monastic life. As many readers may not know, Abhdhut was an active member of the sahingso revolutionary party in his early life. At that time, the British government issued an arrest warrant for him. To escape from the British police, Abhudh traveled to different parts of India. During his wanderings, he came in contact with his guru. That Gurudev initiated the writer in the practice of Tantra.

He wrote ‘Uddharanpur Ghat’, ‘Bashikaran’ and ‘Kalitirtha Kalighat’ on the basis of his mysterious experience of that Tantric life. He practiced Tantra, sometimes in crematoriums, sometimes in monasteries, sometimes in localities, and described his own life experiences in all these books. The characters he describes are very diverse. In all these stories, there is a mixture of juices, somewhere it is sweet, somewhere it is horrible. This compilation is simultaneously an experience of Abhdhut’s personal Tantric life as well as a complete identity of this society with the secrecy of performing Tantra.

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