Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikder PDF

Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikder PDF
ebook name- ‘Pipasa Jakhan’
Written by- Banani Sikdar
Book genre- A different type of Bengali novel
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 1Mb
Pages- 238
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikder pdf

What is the theme of the novel ‘Pipasa Jakhan’?

Banani Sikder’s unique novel ‘Pipasa Jakhan’ is full of surprising courage and a variety of relationships in middle-class Bengali life. Abhigyata- the name of the heroine of the novel. The name is a new style and a successful name in terms of the novel. Abhigyata’s life takes her, in a destiny-controlled way, through various experiences. She developed a love affair with more than one man, sometimes in a love-masked relationship. She is the daughter of a broken family. Her mother remarried and a terrifying stepfather comes into the life of the heroine. This father gradually became the mastermind behind the heroine’s fate. The realities of adolescence and youth suddenly became rough.
Then a writer comes into the life of the heroine. Does he really extend a helping hand? Writer Banani Sikder did not take her novel in that easy way. Writer Shubhadeep is a married man. And his age is about forty. Abhigyata is only twenty or twenty-one. Shubhadeep only wants Abhigyata’s deho, not her mind. He pretends to love and he has done this before. What will she do?
The novel moves in a more complex vortex. Abhigyata marries a letter friend! They have a son. Then?

The story of the novel then begins to be arranged in layers. Abhigyata’s husband is Sujoy. He fell in love with an office colleague. Sujoy wants to marry her!
What will Abhigyata do now? She is increasingly tired of the battle of life. But she has to live for the boy.
Abhigyata knows that Shubhdeep is now a well-known and expensive writer. Meanwhile, a sudden legal complication comes closer to Abhigyata’s life. And there is no escape from this complication.
But there is one last surprise in the novel. And find out that by reading the novel.
The various secret-flow of mind and body of men and women have carried this novel to the inevitable end. You have to be fascinated. – Ranjan Bandyopadhyay

This novel honored by International Satyendranath Dutta Smrity Sanman 2020.

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