Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikrama by Manaranjan Basu pdf

Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikrama by Manaranjan Basu, Bengali ebook pdf
ebook name- ‘Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikrama’
Written by- Manaranjan Basu,
Book genre- About Ramakrishna
File format- PDF
Pages- 148
File size- 9mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikrama by Manaranjan Basu pdf

Undoubtedly Sri Ramakrishna is a wonderful spiritual man of the religious world. He cannot be described with any adjective. He is eternal, infinite!
In this book, the devotee-wise writer Manaranjan Basu has presented to the reader in such a very detailed way the meaning of the three immortal words of Ramakrishna. His writing style is remarkable. He has thoroughly analyzed everything in the context of Ramakrishna’s biography and Sadhan Parikrama discussion and has also made a detailed judgment by presenting everything in the style of a philosopher. But while reading the book, it seems that everything is self-emanating from the depths of his heart.

The author further shows that the life and words of Ramakrishna are pure Indian life and eternal words of India. At various stages of Indian history, and especially in modern India, there have been many catastrophes of this India-life and Bharatbani. He showed the catastrophe of modern India, in a few words, but very directly, and showed that India could be fully established in its eternal religion if it could revive the still-undiminished Ramakrishna-Vivekananda influence. In drawing the life of Ramakrishnadev, the author has given a perfect introduction to this kind of art.
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