Ramkrishna O Tar Shirshyagan by Christopher Isherwood pdf

Ramkrishna O Tar Shirshyagan by Christopher Isherwood, Bangla book pdf
e-book name- ‘Ramkrishna O Tar Shirshyagan’,
Written by – Christopher Isherwood
Translator- Rabishekhar Sengupta
Type of book- Book about Ramkrishna,
File format- PDF,
PDF size- 27 Mb,
Pages- 290,
Quality- Best, no watermark, Clickable table of contents.

Ramkrishna O Tar Shirshyagan by Christopher Isherwood pdf

What is wonderful all the time is often outstanding, mysterious. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa was such a wonderful real being to those who had the ability to understand him. And the writer has tried to get close to him in exactly the same way.

The current propaganda-driven modernity has inflated our values and made them almost useless. People, objects, whatever you say, everyone is the best for the sake of propaganda. So do not go into any kind of competition. Need or what! Ramakrishna is the great man of the age, so the whole events of his life are well recorded. From there, his life is closer to us than any other previous life or event. This is an additional opportunity for us. So there will be no need to fill the gaps in history with the help of ancient insect-eating books, uncertain testimonies, myths or legends. Whether Ramakrishna was or was not, the reader will evaluate him himself. Judge Ramakrishna with open-minded curiosity, just as a man judges extraordinary people like Julius Caesar, or Ciana Catherine, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Arthur Rabon.

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