Talstoyer Galpo pdf book free download

Talstoyer Galpo pdf book free download
ebook name- Talstoyer Galpo
Translated by- Durgamohan Mukhopadhyay
Book genre- Anubad stories collection
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 11mb
Pages- 213
Quality- best, without any watermark

Talstoyer Galpo pdf

Some words about the great author Leo Tolstoy-

Leo Tolstoy is a renowned Russian writer. He is considered one of the best writers of Russian literature, and even one of the best novelist in world literature. He always wrote realistic novels and literature. We do not see unrealistic romantic fantasies in his literature. In fact, the eternal desire of the people, the pursuit of peace, these basic things have given immortality to Tolstoy’s literature. He did not believe in the concept of ‘Art for Art sake’ or ‘Art for Art’. According to him, ‘literature will be for life.’ And for that reason, each of his literary works is based on life and ethics.
His two unique creation ‘War and Peace’ (1863-1869) and ‘Anna Karenina’ (1873-1877) both of these novels bring Tolstoy to worldwide fame. In addition to his novels, he gained great fame in writing plays, short stories, and essays.

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He knew Latin, English, Arabic, Turko-Tatar, Italian, Greek and Hebrew languages. He was also fairly proficient in music and painting. His concentration and ability to work were extraordinary. He was talented and self-educated.
The volume of his work is huge: short stories, novels, plays, children’s literature, essays, diaries, correspondence, all of his works are divided into about ninety volumes. The full name of this great figure is ‘Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy’.

Dear readers, now I want to share a Bangla translated stories collection book of this author- ‘Talstoyer Galpo’. There are eleven selected stories in this book and all these are translation into Bangla with very carefully by Durgamohan Mukhopadhyay. These are-

Talstoyer Galpo contents

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Dear Readers, now you can collect the Bangla anubad stories collection book– ‘Talstoyer Galpo‘ pdf book free download.

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