Bangalir Hasir Galpo (part-1 & 2) by Jasim Uddin PDF

Bangalir Hasir Galpo (part-1 & 2) by Jasim Uddin PDF File
e-book name- Bangalir Hasir Galpo (part-1 & 2)
Written by- Jasim Uddin
File type- PDF
Qualities- best, without any watermark

Bangalir Hasir Galpo by Jasim Uddin pdf

Some words about the ‘Palli Kobi’ (Rural Poet) Jasim Uddin Mollah

Jasim Uddin (January 1st, 1903 – March 13, 1976) is a famous Bengali poet, songwriter, novelist and writer. He is known as ‘Palli Kobi’ (Rural Poet) in Bangladesh. His poem ‘Kabar’ is an unforgettable contribution to Bengali literature. Although the full name is Jasim Uddin Mollah, he is also known as Jasim Uddin.
He is the first fully modern poet in the cultural heritage of Bengal. Modernization of traditional Bengali poetry is the achievement of Jasim Uddin. His’ Nakshi Kanthar Math ‘and Sojan Badiyar Ghat’ are one of the finest examples of lyrical poetry in the Bengali language.
The lively and vibrant image of the folklore culture of Bengal has come alive through his poetry. His poems have been translated into different languages.
This great penman not only wrote poetry, but he also gave us many stories of laughter. In this post, I want to share two pdf books of his laughter stories. Named-

Bangalir Hasir Galpo part- 1

Bangalir Hasir Galpo- 1 contents

Pages- 160
PDF Size- 5mb
Collect the pdf or Read online

Bangalir Hasir Galpo part- 2

Bangalir Hasir Galpo- 2 contents

Pages- 128
PDF Size- 22mb
Collect the pdf or Read online

Dear friends, collect these Bangla laughter stories collection book ‘Bangalir Hasir Galpo (part-1 & 2) by Jasim Uddin’ in PDF file.

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