Professor Shanku Samagra bengali story book pdf download

Professor Shanku Samagra bengali story book pdf download
ebook name- Professor Shanku Samagra
Written by- Satyajit Roy
Book genre- Sci-Fi Book
File format- PDF
PDF Size- 47mb
Pages- 654
Quality- best, without any watermark

Professor Shanku Samagra pdf

About the fiction character Professor Shanku

Satyajit Ray’s ‘Shanku Kahini’ won the hearts of teenage readers. In the first story, Professor Shanku himself tells his story in the form of a diary. Since then thirty-eight complete and two incomplete diaries have been published in this series up to nineteen ninety-two. Shanku self and his story are the best attraction for young readers. This scientist and inventor is pure Bengali. He is fearless in all the terrifying operations, yet he is self-naive. Again he is very restrained. Although his workplace is in Kolkata, his research site is in Giridi, Bihar. He was honored at the International Scientific Fair.
He invented something in a strange way and so strange are the names of those discoveries. Such as Anaiheilin, Mirakurel, Narvar, Omniscope, Snaphogan, Mangorange, Camerapid, Linguagraph, etc. Some of them are drugs, any instruments, any weapons or gadgets. He traveled the world through research and discovery. And this great man is honored by the Swedish Academy of Science. The amazing stories that Satyajit Ray has written about this world-renowned character, these are not just called ‘science fiction’ at all. ‘science fiction’ of course, at the same time these stories are mixed with travel, mystery and adventure juice.
The biggest feature of the Shanku-stories, the readers of any age become the same age when they enter the world of these stories.
All stories are collected in one volume and published this time with the name of ‘Professor Shanku Samagra’. Several paintings by Satyajit Ray were added to this collection which has not been published before.

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Who is Professor Shanku? Where is he now? Some say that he lost his life in an extreme scientific experiment. Again it is heard that he is doing his work in an unknown area, he will make his debut in time. Each diary of Professor Shanku has some amazing experiences. Readers will judge whether the stories are true or false, possible or impossible.

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Dear Bengali readers, now you can collect the story-compilation book– ‘Professor Shanku Samagra‘ bengali story book pdf download.

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