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Soros Golpo Somogro by Tarapada Roy – Bengali ebooks
ebook name- Soros Golpo Somogro
Writer- Tarapada Roy
Book genre- Humorous story collection
File format- PDF
Quality- HQ, without any watermark

Soros Golpo Somogro by Tarapada Roy pdf

This collection of short stories is full of humor. Stories about drunkenness are more interesting. A book worth reading over and over again.
The stories are really very funny. The review of the first story below-
At a young age, Rajak, Tanay, Rajaram, and the king’s son Ram studied in the same school. Called a classmate. In time, Rajaram took up the profession of laundry in his ancestral profession and the prince Ram became king.
Every day washerman Rajaram leaves the palace very early in the morning with clothes on the back of his donkey. If anyone sees him so Rajaram goes very early. Because if the people of the palace see the face of the washerman in the morning, it will be very bad for all.

But one day, on the auspicious day chosen by the royal astrologer, the king went out hunting very early in the morning. When King went out, he saw Rajaram. Here it is! Now? Meanwhile, washerman Rajaram said again that today is not a good day for hunting. He himself did not know why did he said that? What happened next is even more wonderful. Shortly after the hunt, everyone returned to the palace. But why? The king dismissed the astrologer and summoned Rajaram. After the arrival of Rajaram king said to him, you know astrology so well, you know how to count so many good days, how do you learn all this?
What did Rajaram say then? for the reason the king then called his donkey? And yes, since then only donkeys have been appointed to high positions. The rest of the stories are more startling.

There are one hundred twenty-five funny stories in this collection. now I want to share all 125 stories in two covers with very high quality. Two file formats- EPUB and PDF.

Soros Golpo Somogro, EPUB
Size- 1mb
Pages- 769
Collect the EPUB from drive or Link-2

Soros Golpo Somogro, PDF
Size- 6mb
Pages- 975
Collect the pdf or Read online

Dear reader, you can collect the humorous story collection book- ‘Soros Golpo Somogro by Tarapada Roy‘ in EPUB and pdf.

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